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Business Contact Database/List

Business Contact Database/List

Hassled because your data becomes obsolete before you even realize it? Distraught with the quality of your business contact information because the old names are no longer the decision makers? Esquare Database can help turn your stale data into intelligent information at your fingertips!

Marketing report from Sherpa states that about 3% of contact information downgrades monthly and 40% annually. This means, $130,000 revenue loss is incurred with every 100,000 contacts in your database. Reaching out random contacts means simply wasting time + money + resources without getting anything in return, as chances for the contact details being stale are high. Esquare Database  can revise your contact database for present customers, former clients, prospects and alliances, allowing you to utilize your resources efficiently and chase the right prospects.

Esquare Database Business Contact Database services can build 100% accurate and phone validated contact lists that could result into high ROI. We can compile, for example, all companies from a specific location, industry or revenue bracket, their decision makers with accurate contact information, all the markets that they operate in and other details that are not readily available, to help you add fuel to your various marketing campaigns and sales campaigns.

However, only compiling contact data is not sufficient; regular refreshes and maintenance of their accuracy is equally important to sustain the effects. Esquare Database can build quality marketing lists of desired geography and industry, and regularly cleanse the database to ensure that only the best information is available for you to help convert real time sales opportunities.